Letter: Support For McKinlay

Last week’s letter to the editor penned by “Jen Weiler of Royal Palm Beach” (quotations added as a quick search of the registered voter rolls has shown no such person in RPB) might be seen by an interested observer as nothing more than a very precise and well-thought-out campaign hit piece by the Kathy Foster campaign.

We’ve been receiving costly mail pieces from Ms. Foster highlighting her John Walsh endorsement for almost a year now, and little wonder she now has to depend on supposed ghostwriters in the weekly paper to do her dirty work. With all that mail, we, unlike the mysterious Jen Weiler, still cannot really tell “where she has been” nor trust “where she is going.”

Married to Mike Nelson, the Republican operative for ruthless Wellington developers, funded by Glenn Straub, the self described “dirt salesman” who is hell bent on developing every last inch of open land in his portfolio, Ms. Foster gives us no clear indication of her reason for running or what her plans are once in office, since she has been out of public office since losing her last election in Wellington almost 15 years ago.

That lack of clarity just might be the reason Ms. Foster has been able to garner one endorsement, that from a celebrity who does not live anywhere near District 6.

As to the multiple endorsements being promoted by Melissa McKinlay, I, for one, am impressed that she is being given consideration by elected officials from across the spectrum, business interests and community organizations seemingly across the board. It would not be difficult to isolate any one of those individual endorsers and knock them down a peg, but to promote ulterior motives to Ms. McKinlay in accepting an endorsement is low-down, dirty politics at best. Instead of guessing, I called Ms. McKinlay and asked her what her position is with State Road 7, her feelings about the inspector general and about how it is one gets endorsed by both the union halls and the big business interests in this town. I liked what I heard, and I’m betting that the western communities will like her too… a breath of fresh air. I want an honest commissioner with an open door and proven ability to work across the aisle with varied interests. I’m voting for Melissa McKinlay next month and again in November.

Pam Flanagan, Wellington


  1. JC105, thanks for your comment. Kathy and I found each other when we were both past 50 and she is am amazing woman and I am a lucky guy to have married her. We know who is behind the comment about Glenn and I and it is someone who is not man enough to look us in the eye and make comments. Kathy will do an amazing job as she has done in every part of her life. The only goofy thing she has ever done was to marry me! Thanks again for your comment, Mike

  2. Could Pam Flanagan please tell me what Melissa MacKinlay’s position on SR 7 and the other important roads is? Does she support the extension or what and if so, what did she tell the WPB officials? Curious that she (Pam) did not share what she learned.

    • If you want to know Melissa’s position you should attend her fundraiser hosted by Mayor Muio at the Ibis Country Club Sunday nite (8/27). I am sure that you will hear what Melissa has to say as she takes checks from the residents of THAT community!!! What do you think. This is an opportunist looking for a job not someone to represent District 6.

  3. this is a nasty personal attack on Kathy Foster’s husband that has nothing to do with the issues. I am surprised at this MacKinlay supporter.

  4. The alcolytes for MckInlay, Santamaria and Foster have their ‘letter writers’ out in full force.

    Of paramount importance to the western communities is the direct extension of SR7 to Northlake Blvd for safety reasons-evacuations.

    It is problematic that candidate Melissa McKinlay is getting political support from the Mayor of West Palm Beach, Jeri Muoio, and from WPB Commissioner, Keith James, both of whom are vehemently opposed to the direct extension of SR 7. Muoio and James who would like to circumvent a direct path for SR7 to the detriment of all of us who reside out west. McKinlay is endorsed by Muoio and James.

    It has been noticed that letter writer (and supporter of McKinlay, Pam Flanagan) did NOT unequivocally state that candidate Melissa McKinlay is supporting the direct extension of SR7. It was ‘suggested’ that you give McKinlay a call. Well, instead of thousands of residents calling McKinlay; how about a clear direct statement in regard to the direct routing of SR7 to Northlake, Ms McKinlay?

    In addition, Foster and Santamaria are L-O-N-G time residents of the Western Communities; not so, Melissa McKinlay. Her residency in the Western Community is nowhere near the time Santamaria and Foster have lived out west.

    McKinlay is an political opportunist from outside the western communities. She is NO long time resident who knows these communities well. She did not grow up here, she did not spend decades here; McKinlay just moved to Wellington a few years ago!

    The western communities have been burned too many times by those who seek political clout and move to a community with an intent to seek political office.

    Vote for one of the LONGTIME western community residents running for office, not a new political resident who is part of the politcal machine.

  5. Ms. Weiler made some facdtual and rational observations based on the campaign material. I am glad that she has helped me understand what endorsements really mean. I will note vote for MacKinlay.

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