Letter: Impressed With Michelle Santamaria

We recently attended a gathering for District 6 County Commission Candidate Michelle Santamaria. We have known Michelle’s parents for more than 40 years, but only met Michelle in passing on a few occasions. At the event, Michelle, a dynamic woman with a law degree, master’s degree, former Palm Beach County Assistant District Attorney and business owner who created a national training program used by law enforcement agencies including the FBI, totally wowed us.

Michelle will not be a puppet taking over where her father, current County Commissioner Jess Santamaria, leaves off. Though she will build her foundation on Jess’ record of keeping government honest and with integrity, Michelle will stand on her own two feet as a strong advocate for all of Palm Beach County.

Those of us in the western area deserve another commissioner who is not afraid to tackle ur many county issues, as well as lead responsibly with consistency andtrustworthiness. Kudos, Michelle!

Jay Mann, Wellington