Letter: Support For ITID Candidate Alan Ballweg

My husband and I are supporting Alan Ballweg’s campaign for Seat 3 on the Indian Trail Improvement District Board of Supervisors.

Even before we met Alan, we were particularly impressed with a letter he wrote on Oct. 2, 2012 to the South Florida Water Management District regarding the flooding after Tropical Storm Isaac. This letter was extremely professional, well structured and detailed. It contained a chronology of events and technical statistics, pictures, graphs and charts documenting water levels at and near the 40th Street gate, a critical drainage structure in The Acreage.

It was Alan’s efforts and his meticulous documentation in this letter that confirmed our belief that the long-lasting flooding that occurred after Tropical Storm Isaac could have been prevented or at least minimized to a minor inconvenience. We firmly believe that Alan’s ongoing, tireless efforts to find the causes and solutions to our area’s drainage issues will prevent a recurrence of another Isaac-like event.

Alan has lived in The Acreage for 14 years. It is very evident that he truly loves and cares about our community. He graduated from the prestigious Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and engineering management. His professional experience and technical knowledge in the areas of drainage and flood control systems will be a great asset to the Indian Trail Improvement District. Since Isaac, we have witnessed Alan become very active in the inner workings of the ITID. He has taken the initiative to thoroughly understand all the issues and has attended many meetings with local, county and state officials and engineers, including meetings with the South Florida Water Management District. Alan is a member of Commissioner Jess Santamaria’s Flood Prevention Task Force. Additionally, Alan has been working to help ITID gain access to the Moss property for increased emergency drainage capacity and is still fighting for increases in permitted drainage rights for our area.

Alan’s intelligence, great analytical skills, honesty, leadership, and his superior speaking and writing skills will be of great benefit to the Indian Trail Improvement District. Like us, Alan believes that the key issues in this election are honest government, flood prevention, the preservation of our rural character and quality of life, and the freedoms that the residents of The Acreage and Loxahatchee enjoy. He believes that our area should be preserved and protected from excessive development and from the traffic woes it will bring. Alan is for fiscal responsibility and will work to keep ITID costs down and within budget.

We need Alan Ballweg on the ITID board. Please remember to vote for him on Aug. 26 and remind your neighbors to vote for Alan.

For more information about Alan’s campaign, visit his web site at www.winwithalan.com.

Anne Kuhl, The Acreage


  1. So we’ve had two Planning commission votes, one unanimous, and one nearly unanimous, against Minto’s proposed increases to the already approved 2996 and 235K. Are they part of the cult? Are they spreading propaganda? Some of the people posting here seem to be doing so on more of an emotional level than on facts. If anyone would like to know Alan’s stance on SR7 just go to winwithalan.com and send him an email. You might be surprised when you get an answer different than what is being posted in these comments. Or, it may bring to light that there are those in the community going to great lengths to try and smear Alan.

    • Our issue is where the candidate stands on SR 7. If the candidate wants to stop SR 7, we can’t support him.

      That position is irrational for the Acreage.

      • I asked Alan where he stands on the SR7 extension. His answer was that the road going through is a good plan. I would recommend everyone else take a moment, go to his website, and email him. If this topic is important to you get the answer straight from him and not from comments below an article sprinkled amongst vote for Bair posts.

    • and of course you fail to mention the BCC has passed it on once as well
      as the LDRAB.

      as far as Alan’s stance, I was at the ALA candidate’s forum and heard him specify his stance, of course, after referring to his notes and glancing
      to the back of the room for signals from his handlers. Don’t believe me, look for yourself at the recorded videos readily available online.

    • Mr Ballweg’s website doesn’t say a thing about SR 7. He said he was against SR 7 at the ALA debate. It’s on video. No smear – they are his words.

  2. Whether or not Alan Ballweg is for or against St. Road 7 is MOOT. ITID has no vote or bearing on if it goes thru. Talk about misleading the public. There would be no way to for him to cast ONE vote to use ‘taxpayer funds’. Really people.. Get your facts straight and how our government works.

    If you have a question regarding Alerts validity? come talk to me. (oh look above my real name) … I’m more then willing to talk, educate…. I’m on the Board as well one of the first to help come up with this very needed group. And proud to say it.

    Some people hide behind BS, lies, and go round and round in circles with half-truths using anonymous commenting. Alerts has nothing to hide, nor do I. This group would never haver needed forming if there was any group already established that was supposed to be the ‘watchdog’ for our area. We used to have one. It’s been run into the ground by confusion, pro development, and consistently doesn’t do anything more then plan parties. Alerts of PBC sole role will be to help preserve the rural nature of our area as best we can.

    Learn the facts. Read. Make educated decisions. Alerts of PBC has a website up with nothing but the facts.

    Vote Alan Ballweg!

  3. I am another concerned resident that doesn’t want my board of elected officials being told how to make decisions by a small group of people that do not have my best interests at heart.
    I also have heard that Mr Alan Ballweg is opposed to the SR7 extension to Northlake. Will he use our taxpayer funds to try and stop this?
    Although I do not agree with Mr Bair and plans to interrupt traffic on Acreage roads, I know at least he is reasonable and will listen to all residents.
    Such as it is, I will be voting for Ralph Bair.

  4. I watched the Acreage Landowners debate online and Mr. Ballweg said he is against SR 7 going through to Northlake.

    That is a deal breaker for me and my husband. We need SR 7 and Mr. Ballweg is deluding himself if he thinks stopping SR 7 will stop development.

    We’re voting for Ralph Bair. He gets it.

  5. This new group, Alerts of PBC reeks of being a cult at worst and scam at best. After looking at both the no to minto and alerts of PBC web pages it appears that no where does it indicate who started these efforts, or who currently actively manage the groups. The only way to contact is through a private facebook group or by emailing a generic email address. This only confirms my suspicions that these groups are run by a select few individuals that prey on uninformed individuals during times of crisis (see TS Issac) or, like they are doing now, pleading their cases to protect the “environment” against big, bad developer minto. While I applaud efforts to preserve the environment in south florida, these two groups feel less like genuine environmental conservation groups and more like sleazy avenues for those few individuals to get what they want by using acreage residents to their advantage by spreading propaganda disguised as “facts”. Shame on them.

  6. A clarification on my post that is currently awaiting moderation. That nearly $79 million deficit is for COUNTY roads. Minto is not required to pay for impact on OUR roads that their traffic will use. That poses a double whammy on our residents: County and ITID property taxes going up to pay for MINTO’S impact.

  7. Don: I have lost count the number of times ALERTS has indicated that we do NOT oppose what is already approved. What we oppose is any thing BEYOND what Minto is entitled to build.

    As for the amenities you mentioned, the loss of any of them would not be the fault of our group. Rather the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of Minto. Minto could still provide all of the amenities you mentioned; however, like a truculent toddler, they just won’t do it if they don’t get “their way.” As for traffic, you fail to understand that our roads are privately owned and maintained via resident tax dollars to ITID. Even at 2996 homes and 235K sq. ft. of commercial, the traffic will dramatically increase and therefore impact. Our roads were NEVER designed to handle this volume in traffic. The pittance Minto will pay in impact fees will in no way pay for the impact of THEIR traffic, leaving, according to the ITID legal team, a deficit of nearly $79 MILLION dollars for the County to cough up after Minto pays its measly share of nearly $40 million. Who would pay for Minto’s traffic and other impacts? PROPERTY OWNERS in the form of PROPERTY TAX HIKES.

    You were at the Planning Commission meeting, Don. You heard ITID’s presentation. It substantiates and confirms much of what our group and Alan has said all along. ITID (twice), Village of Royal Palm Beach, ALA, Loxahatchee Groves, CityWatch, Riverwalk, Iron Horse and Fox Trail have issued Resolutions in opposition; you should read them. While Minto may be a lovely community, it is ill-placed in the Acreage for so many reasons and adding additional homes and nonresidential square footage only exacerbates the impact. The 2996 and 235K are a done deal. Anything over that is not and we’ll continue to oppose anything over and beyond that.

    Maybe you and ElizaT can form your own group: Yes to Minto. It would be more constructive than trolling for letters to the editor or banging out posts on AS deriding our group’s efforts to preserve and protect our area and way of life.

  8. I am supporting candidate Bair. He is experienced with Acreage issues and is not influenced by a vocal minority of individuals that do not have pur best wishes in mind.

  9. Due diligence Jean?

    Is that what the slight of hand, deception, your group practices on
    Acreage residents is now being called.

    Acreage residents, beware of what you are supporting and KNOW the consequences of such as you are not being fully informed.

    As Eliza says 2996 is approved and coming. Keep saying No to everything and 2996 with a nice walled in development, no bridle trails, no large publicly accessible parks, no 400 ft buffer zone, and yes INCREASED TRAFFIC without additional monies to fix our roads. Is this what you want, because when you say NO to EVERYTHING, this is WHAT is approved. Don’t allow the pied piper to take you over the cliff without being INFORMED of the CONSEQUENCES of your actions. NOT everything is BLACK and WHITE regardless of what this woman and her puppet candidate may profess.

  10. Howie, You do realize that 2996 is approved and coming?
    or has the puppeteer convinced you otherwise?

    Jean, Who are you and Alan going to accuse now for taking his
    signs down when such signs have been placed on PRIVATE property?

  11. I fully agree with every word in Ms. Kuhl’s letter. Alan has demonstrated time and again through his ACTIONS that he is committed and dedicated to serving our district. Another fine example of his dedication was his appearance and comments at the Planning Commission meeting on 8/8/14. Where, I ask, were the other candidates? They certainly weren’t where they should have been!

    Speaking of (sock) puppets (and trolls), here we go with yet another appearance of ElizaT who makes it her mission to seek out any letter even remotely associated with “No to Minto” and who continues to spew vile and venom and misinformation about the “No to Minto” group.

    ALERTS is a group of likewise dedicated residents opposed to over- development, focusing our efforts on the proposed Minto West project. We have no leader; we all assume various roles needed to accomplish our goals of preserving and protecting our area and way of life. Alan’s contributions, as with everyone’s contributions, are informative, factual, sourced, and invaluable in aiding and assisting a realistic view of the impact of Minto West in terms of drainage, traffic, jobs, etc.

    Rather than trolling for letters and casting out your line of derision, why don’t you do something constructive like form your own group…”Yes to Minto” … and do your due diligence to inform residents with equally informative, factual, sourced and invaluable information as to why anything over and beyond what Minto is entitled to build is “progress” and a good thing for the Acreage, Loxahatchee and Loxahatchee Groves residents. How come I haven’t see YOU by the road side holding rallies in the heat of the day, engaging residents, and gathering petitions in support? Where is your not-for profit group fighting FOR “progress,” in other words over-development?

    As for ALERTS, you can find more information by visiting our website at http://www.alertsofpbc.com.

    As for Alan, who is the topic of Anne’s letter, please vote for him. A vote for Alan is a vote for the Acreage. Visit his website at http://www.winwithalan.com. If you see him at a meeting or out in the community, make it a point to talk to him. You won’t be disappointed but will be filled with hope that this is truly a person who will fill that seat most competently and compassionately.

  12. I agree with your assessment of his abilities and character. I hope that others in the area recognize what he has to offer… and vote for him.

  13. If you are seeking a PUPPET of the radical NotoMinto group leader
    that thinks any progress is bad progress, go ahead vote for Alan.

    • @ElizaT, Get your head out of your a**.
      Minto West would be a plaque on our community and I am nobody’s puppet!

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