Letter: Kathy Foster The Best Candidate For Commission

I was so pleased to see that Kathy Foster made the decision to step up and run for County Commission District 6. Being a candidate is surely a daunting undertaking, but for Kathy it is just another challenge in her determination to be a good public servant. I say that I am pleased to see her run, because I was there in the early days when Kathy and a few others took the lead to incorporate Wellington into the village we enjoy today.

I was impressed with her ability to provide vision in the development of the comprehensive plan and her knowledge with the many components of infrastructure and municipal law. There is no one more qualified and more dedicated to our area. I strongly urge our District 6 voters to support her with their vote in the Aug. 26 primary election.

Barbara Tosto, Wellington


  1. The District 6 commission race has taken on all the elements of bad politics. There is no doubt that the voters of this area have been the victims of some very unsavory conduct that lead to the IG here in Palm Beach County. The first line of defense however is with the voter where the responsibility lies in smart choices; the IG is the second line of defense where a poor choice must be rectified. A vote for Kathy Foster on Aug 6 is a vote for honesty.

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