Letter: Offended By Minto’s Assertions

I have lived in Loxahatchee Groves for a little over a year. I have three horses, six dogs and a cat. I work in Lauderhill and drive 100 miles a day, round trip. I don’t want to live in the urban sprawl and made the conscious decision to leave it. I don’t have to walk or hitch up the wagon to go to the mall or shopping centers. I live in the modern age, and driving 10 or 20 minutes is nothing compared to the tranquility I enjoy when I return to my home. I choose this. I do not need Minto telling me I am broken and they need to fix my lifestyle.

I take offense on many levels to Minto’s persistent assertion that we “need to be rebalanced.” On which scale are we taking this measurement? Certainly not mine. Minto stated that they would like to build a movie theater and a bowling alley, because that is surely what we need. There is not a thing wrong with our choosing to drive to the Mall at Wellington Green or CityPlace when we want to shop or have a night out. More low-paying jobs in a service industry are not what we need.

A hotel? Who will be staying at the hotel? Will it become a weekly “hotel” when there is not enough revenue from overnight guests? We all know how that will look. With the exception of the construction crews, who on earth will be staying at this hotel?

Wellington Village Council members’ statements that this “does not affect them” will come back to haunt them. I find it laughable that Mr. [Howard] Coates says he needs more facts. I don’t need a baseball bat upside my head to know that it will hurt. Wellington Green will feel the loss if the 2.1 million square feet of commercial is built. Traffic will cause problems on Wellington roads. I don’t need a study or more research to tell me this.

Use some common sense, people. Build the 2,996 homes and the 235,000 square feet of commercial and move on.

Suzanne Hetrick, Loxahatchee Groves