Letter: Passing The Torch

With Jess Santamaria facing term limits, it is lucky for us that we will have a worthy candidate to keep an eye on “Corruption County.”

Jess’s daughter, Michelle Santamaria, is running for Palm Beach County Commission in District 6, and we really need her; so let’s check her credentials: finance major, master’s in business, law degree, assistant state attorney, prosecutor/trial lawyer and developer of a program for training law enforcement officers on how to testify in court — all of which will really come in handy when debating with her fellow commissioners.

We cannot lose the all-too-often lone voice of Jess Santamaria, and now we do not have to! We can elect Michelle. She will bring the strengths of Jess and the energy of a dynamic speaker. Michelle is eager to carry on the torch that Jess lit and promises to fight tirelessly for the citizens of Palm Beach County.

Michelle is an advocate we can count on to work hard, work smart and continue the work that is needed to finally rid us of “Corruption County.”

Morley Alperstein, Wellington