Letter: The Current Residents Must Come First

When does “planning” take into account current residents and lifestyles, as well as existing services?

At the Palm Beach County Planning informational meeting concerning the Minto West proposals held at the Seminole Ridge High School on July 8, I asked a few questions for which I received either nebulous or no answers.

For example, I asked if the county could supply us with a list of both available already built yet empty commercial and industrial, as well as properties with that zoning but not yet built, and could they do so in 5, 10 and 15 mile radii. The answer was along the lines of, “well that information likely exists but it’s not part of this process.”

Next, considering the 2.1 million square feet of commercial-industrial, I asked if “our” planners thought that that would be a traffic capture or a traffic draw. I only got a shrug as a non-answer for that. Of course it will create more traffic than it captures — get real!

It needs to be reiterated that Palm Beach County was once a leader in growth management planning with such concepts as “Eastward Ho” and the award-winning Tier System and Sector Plan. Even considering any change from the ag-enclave 2,996 units and 235,000 square feet of commercial should force the new inspector general to “follow the money” and find out why this is even in the system wasting our time and money.

Dr. Bill Louda, Loxahatchee Groves


  1. How about you answer OUR questions first Bill?
    What is your real agenda?
    You post negative Minto rhetoric in this forum about every two weeks, fail to address any questions, and have nothing to lose with this development as it does not impact your lifestyle.

    What is you REAL AGENDA?

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