Letter: Thoughts On The District 6 Race

Congratulations to all the winners and my commiseration to all the losers in the recent primary election.

The District 6 county commission race was very different from previous primaries. Never have I received so many mailings, not to mention robo calls. It was intense, to say the very least.

The false mailing about Kathy Foster was disgusting and has no place in our local elections.

However, I did anticipate a much closer race. The veteran Kathy Foster shot herself in the foot twice, first by referring to her opponent as a “girl” and second by refusing to apologize. Those actions did not go down well with many voters, and they voted for Melissa McKinlay instead.

I am sure that Kathy has a good heart and a lot to offer, and hopefully will give her full support to the winner of the Nov. 4 election.

The winner will be replacing term-limited Jess Santamaria, the fearless voice of the people.

The race is now on in earnest, and I encourage everyone to participate in our democratic election process.

Some of Kathy Foster’s supporters have already stated that they will be voting for Michelle Santamaria, who they believe is the best candidate in the field.

To all the western communities, I say, please participate in the Nov. 4 election, regardless of your political persuasion, and let your voice be heard.

Karl Witter, The Acreage


  1. Karl must be not be speaking to too many Foster supporters out in his area – all those that I have heard from are going with Andy Schaller. No carpet bagger who used disgusting tactics on Kathy Foster and no 3rd term for Santamaria!

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