Letter: Why Is Gas So Expensive In Wellington?

Why is gas so expensive in Wellington? I purchased regular gas today in suburban Lake Worth, with the cost for regular (credit and cash at the same price) at $3.27 per gallon. I left Wellington this morning, and the regular gas was $3.69 to $3.79 per gallon (cash price/station card price only, with an extra charge for credit purchases).

I have been watching the cost differences over the last few months, and the gas in Wellington is typically 40 to 50 cents per gallon higher than in town. Does anyone know why? There is not much difference in mileage between suburban Lake Worth and Wellington, so that cannot be the answer.

Robert Kuoppala, West Palm Beach


  1. This unit was sold and they need to make it back on the high price they paid? I know there is a law with highway station can’t be higher than 10% from off road station.
    Maybe they are just pigs and gouging Wellington.

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