Letter: Crack Down On Political Signs

The Village of Wellington’s administrators and political leaders should reconsider the hideous display of political signs in Wellington for aesthetic, financial and safety reasons. Our political leaders at the local, state and federal level “protected” us from the nuisance of extensive marketing sales calls and created a “do not call” list to eliminate these calls at most inconvenient times. However, they have allowed themselves (and nonprofits) to be exempt from making these calls.

Over the past several years, we have seen the literal circus of political signs dotting the landscape of Wellington in areas that do not comply with Wellington’s Special Permit Use for Temporary Sign Application. These signs are in violation of public rights-of-way, public easements and safe-sight distances. Are the politicians exempt from temporary sign compliance and the $100 permit fee as well?

The signs at the Forest Hill Blvd entrances and around the library are some of the more deplorable areas. The signs are posted at a most inopportune time for visitors from around the world to see during the season. They are distracting, a financial burden and create safety issues for Wellington.

The placement of signs and removing them are supposed to be the burden of the approved person/organization that was permitted, but I have witnessed Wellington maintenance crews removing these signs at the citizens’ expense and at the peril of the maintenance employee dodging traffic.

It is hypocritical for the political and administrative leaders of Wellington to espouse the virtues of maintaining a community in harmony with nature, through “code compliance regulations,” while littering our community with circus type billboards and creating unsafe driving situations.

I hope common sense, consideration of citizen safety and aesthetic beauty prevails prior to the next election.

John Shwiner, Wellington


  1. Mr. Honesty, Jess Santamaria, has his political signs all over the Village of Royal Palm Beach even though the law is only 30 days before the election. Guess he really does own that town lock stock barrell mayor councilmen and staff!!!!!! No one else can break the law.

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