Letter: Bad News For Wellington?

Is it bye-bye Paul Schofield? Rumor has it that the three mouse cartoons, are at it again. They feel they have the votes to fire our village manager, but do they have a reason? The last time they tried, they did not articulate one.

One would think that the three council members would have better things to do. Maybe spend some time getting their taxes in order; maybe reread the states ethics violations on accepting a gift from a local businesswoman; or finally state reasons for wanting to fire our manager.

The last time they tried this ploy, they sat in disbelief as the audience expressed their strong feelings for Paul Schofield. Who is really running this show? The council or the staff? Who has spent years getting degrees, working their craft, honing skills and perfecting their trade?

It certainly is not the council, which comes here for a few years, basically with no knowledge of what it takes to run a village. We depend on the staff and management to lead and run the day-to-day business. Without people like Paul and his staff, Wellington would not be what it is today, a village that has won numerous awards and a community we are proud to call our home.

This council or others like it did not build this village; Paul Schofield and his staff did that. Remember that when you try to take his job!

Morley Alperstein, Wellington


  1. Totally agree with Mr. Alperstein.

    Do believe, It’s the Council, not the Village Manager that has been the problem. Paul Schofield has kept this Village intact during the immature actions of all the Council members during these last years. Schofield kept this Village in good financial shape and hired excellent adminstrative staff, who are constantly bullied by Council members who are on a power trips in this Village, as well as, some equestrians on both sides of issues.

    And let’s face it, it’s Term Limited Councilman Willhite who wants to make the Village over with his vision. We now live in the Village of Willhiteton.

    From Willhite’s push to sell KPark land before he is Termed Out, to the Review of the Wellington Charter before he is Termed Out (so he can get what he wants into the Charter-gee, could that be a raise for Council members, could that be to end term limits?, could that be to divide Wellington into districts for voting?) to Willhite’s wanting to cut down of the Washingtonia Palms along Aero Club Drive withOut the residents’ input, to his interference with the Aero Club flyers, to his push to hire attorney Don Dufrense instead of Cohen? It’s all Willhite’s agenda. Willhite wants to shape the Village to his personal agenda and he has less that 2 years to do so.

    Our Village will be in turmoil until Willhite is off the dias.

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