Letter: An Important Election At ITID

In this election, the Indian Trail Improvement District races are critical. Three of five seats are at play. We must elect three district supervisors who are unwavering in their opposition to the onslaught of overdevelopment that is threatening our quality of life. We must elect three district supervisors who will not sell us out to developers, the county, the South Florida Water Management District, the City of West Palm Beach or any other organization or entity. Developers must not be allowed to reap obscene profits at our expense and at the expense of all Palm Beach County taxpayers. We must not allow any entity to take what is ours.

My husband, Gert, and I will not vote for any current or former ITID supervisor who is on record against a thorough forensic audit of the district’s records or has voted no to oversight by the Office of the Inspector General. We will demand that those who are elected represent us and not special interests or their own interests.

We need district supervisors who will protect our health, safety and welfare, our water supply, our drainage infrastructure, our roads, our parks and our property values. It’s a matter of trust. This is why Alan Ballweg, Betty Argue and Jennifer Hager will have our vote on Nov. 4.

If you care about our future, do the right thing. Get out and vote.

Anne Kuhl, The Acreage