Letter: Voting For Michelle Santamaria

The recent editorial by the Palm Beach Post endorsing a candidate for Palm Beach County Commission in District 6 was wrong, wrong, wrong! Not only did it ignore the facts, but also bordered on libel. Was the editorial board not aware that the vast majority of endorsements and campaign funding for McKinlay came from outside of our district? These are individuals and groups who do not live here, do not know our issues and cannot vote in our district. So why so much interest in getting one particular candidate elected? Could it be to enable further development and continued encroachment on our way of life in the western communities? Why so much interest and so much investment in a particular candidate from the outside? Surely that can’t be good for those of us who live here! I have observed the McKinlay ads on television, and as far back as I can remember, I have never seen TV ads for a county commission seat.

On the other hand, the editorial attacks Jess Santamaria for putting money into his daughter’s campaign to protect the “Santamaria legacy” and protect his own business interests. The funding he has put into Michelle’s campaign pales in comparison to what the outsiders have put up for McKinlay. The Post obviously doesn’t know Jess Santamaria like we do. He is one of the most selfless people I have ever known. We all know of his philanthropic work and his donation of his salary for the needy. Jess speaks out against injustices of all kinds, particularly those that enrich developers at taxpayers’ cost. He has helped so many people confidentially without fanfare or publicity.

As for candidate endorsements, we who live here in the western communities know who is on our side, and it is not someone whose funding and endorsements come mostly from individuals who do not live here, do not vote here and do not share the quality of life that we enjoy and want to maintain.

Michelle Santamaria grew up here and spent all of her life, except for college days, right here where we all live. She knows our people and our issues. The “Santamaria legacy” is one that supports the best interests of our community and its residents, and is often the lone voice speaking out on our behalf. Michelle will continue that legacy, and we need to give her our support at the polls!

Arlene Olinsky, Royal Palm Beach


  1. Dish up another meatloaf meal @ Hillary’s for Arlene. She just earned another free meal from Jess. How cheap can he buy you guys to carry his water – or write his letters. Hope this is over soon.

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