Letter: Support For Andy Schaller

I have listened to the debates and studied all three candidates that we are blessed with here in the western communities to become our county commissioner and represent us.

I have found both ladies to be gracious and charming and intelligent. One moved to our community not long ago and is a single mother, another is longtime community resident, very intelligent, whose father had the position and could learn from his experience and all her legal knowledge.

However, I present a fresh, never a politician, self-made businessman to you: Andy Schaller. He is articulate, very bright and worked hard to become a successful resident here in the western communities.

Andy believes as shown at www.andyschaller.com: “I feel so blessed to be in a country where I am able to run for office while maintaining the values my parents taught me growing up, of hard work, community service, treat everyone as you would like to be treated and a hand shake is a promise.”

Hard work, community service, life by the golden rule. Can you stand next to a man with these values? Andy’s financial business handles millions of dollars for clients over the world who trust him. His hard work enabled him to build a financial business with this worldwide client base, which equates to a sense of financial acumen lacking in the other two candidates.

During the debate in Wellington on Monday night, I was impressed with the questions and the answers the candidates provided. However, Andy alone had the best answers to questions like: What would you do to combat the unemployment rate in the Glades? He is in favor of the Port of Palm Beach railway connection to Belle Glade to increase jobs for the Glades and provide an economic stimulus. He is in favor of helping the Wellington Village Council provide stimulus options healthcare/medical providers to relocate and produce jobs for the promised medical arts district. In a nutshell, Andy is going to push for programs that will create jobs, jobs, jobs, and enable hardworking people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and not hold out the hand for more government aid. He will support agencies to provide for the real needy and encourage job training and opportunities for each needy family to find security and individual values through gainful employment and not rely on weekly federal free paychecks.

He is in favor of carefully watching our tax dollars and finding waste in many agencies and departments where oversight is lacking to make the most of each dollar we contribute.

I trust Andy to be a safeguard of our tax monies and find waste in our vast government bureaucracy.

Al Paglia, Wellington