Letter: Be Sure To Get To The Polls

When I hear someone saying that they are not going to vote, I think of the thousands of Americans who sacrificed, suffered, marched and died for the right to vote. I think of the people in other countries still fighting for this right. How can anyone not vote? How can one call themselves a citizen who cares about the country or its direction and not vote? How dare you complain about “government” if you do not vote. You have given away your choices and your power if you choose not to vote.

People always talk and cry for equality. The power of the vote makes us equal. When you fail to vote, you fail to use your power and you lose your shot at equality.

I will not venture to influence your vote, but if you want the best public education for Florida’s children, the opportunity for equal pay and higher minimum wages for workers, the right of women to choose, protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid services, establish honesty and transparency in government, seek the best creative medical cures and care, and protect our environment — then it is clear how you should vote. However, if you want the “same old same old,” then don’t vote! You will show that you don’t care, you have no power, no equality and no freedom of choice.

Kay Brown, Wellington

Editor’s note: Ms. Brown is the president of the Palm Beach County Teachers Association, Retired.