Letter: Support For Michelle Santamaria

Though, due to recent redistricting, my community is no longer in District 6 of the Palm Beach County Commission, I wish to urge all those who do reside in District 6 to vote for Michelle Santamaria to be your next county commissioner.

As a result of Michelle’s many years working as an assistant state attorney and subsequent entrepreneurial years working within the court system, she is aptly qualified to deal with the issues that our county commissioners face. As a lifelong resident of Palm Beach County attending schools in Royal Palm Beach, she is familiar with our area.

Additionally, during my 15 years as CEO of the Palms West Chamber of Commerce, I have observed her, together with her family, working for the betterment of our western communities. As we all know, the Santamaria family’s philanthropic generosity has benefited countless nonprofit organizations within our area.

During these past eight years, our western communities have enjoyed smart growth and economic betterment under the leadership of Jess Santamaria. Let’s continue this pattern and avoid any “Browardization” of our area, plus continue the support of honesty in government by electing Michelle Santamaria as the next Palm Beach County Commissioner for District 6.

Vivian Palmer, Wellington

Editor’s note: Ms. Palmer is the CEO Emeritus of the Palms West Chamber of Commerce.



  1. This District 6 race has the two biggest “Beholden Candidates” that I have ever seen! McKinlay has more than $300,000 in her campaign – what the hec does that mean!! Surely we are not idiots Ms. McKinlay! And then the names of the contributors are from far and wide – Tallahassee to Washington and all around the state, NOT District 6. Whose interests will she be voting on if this is to be our Commissioner. Fred is rite on with the “Santamaria Legacy”. This is a combative commissioner who cannot develop concensus for his constituents. Why? Because it is about Jess not you the voter and the Legacy is about Jess, not the constituents. There is only one candidate that has paid their way with reasonable spending and show he can get things done – Mr. Schaller. That is the Right Vote!

  2. 1. Michelle Santamaria is a clear college graduate with multiple degrees and has shown perservance in her education endeavors.

    2. She has lived in District 6 for most of her life and has devoted herself to community matters.

    3. She has handled budgets and is careful with spending.

    4. She is creative and inventive with finding solutions to problems. She has a great track record and proven history of working hard.

    5. She will be a full time advocate for District 6 and will not be sidetracked by trying to advance her own personal financial interests for higher political office or other personal matters.

    6. Santamaria is not beholden to special groups whom are advocating for only themselves and not what is best for the entirety of District 6.

    7. Santamaria will not be beholden to those monetary donors from outside our District 6, or from outside our own PB County or from Outside our State of FL. Santamaria did not have an influx of out$ide money’ from people and entities whom are advancing their own future needs in our District 6. Santamaria’s opponent, Melissa McKinlay, has received thou$and$ and thou$and$ of dollar$ coming from out$ide of Commi$$ion Di$trict 6, even out$ide of Palm Beach County. Money maker$, political entititie$ weaseling their way into the District 6 Commission race.

    8. Santamaria demeanor is above board regarding other candidates vying for the seat she is seeking. Contrast that with Melissa McKinlay, who did not get the endorsement from her Democrat Primary opponent, Kathy Foster, because of the lies and nasty political attacks that were standard treatment toward Ms. Foster, during their Democrat primary campaign against each other.

    9. Michelle Santamaria is an Independent thinker and matches the thinking of other Independent Thinkers out West. Political Parties run other candidates. It’s Partisan Thinking, Partisan Candidates, and Partisan Decisions, as to what is good for The Party; not what is good for the People in the West,

    10. Do we in District 6 Commission Area need 8 more years of Partisan Politics from those powerful groups that rule in South County, in certainly in the East part of Palm Beach County? Or will we fight our way to stand up for what’s good for us out here in the West? Or will we allow for other areas of the County to make decisions for what is good for our own Western district?

    We know where Michelle Santamaria stands on our District 6 concerns. She is not afraid of expressing her views, whereas, Melissa McKinlay can’t even answer questions directly when asked about our needs out West, but answers in vague, prepared speeches instead of being honest about her advocacy for developers and her previous home city of WPB.

  3. “During these past eight years, our western communities have enjoyed smart growth and economic betterment under the leadership of Jess Santamaria”.

    That statement is ridiculous. Jess Santamaria has been on the losing end of every major vote affecting the Western Communities. He argues with and lectures the other commissioners and has not been able to effectively represent us.

    Ms. Palmer, if you want to support Michelle that’s fine. But please don’t use fabrications to try and get others to support her. She has done nothing in her career to help the Western Communities.

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