Letter: This Area Does Not Need Minto

As a 20-year resident of The Acreage, it appalls me that all the city commissioners see our dollar signs once again. This area doesn’t need and cannot support the traffic and the crime that will come with the Minto project.

We all moved to this area to get away from the congestion and the crime. There are numerous accidents out here now on a daily basis. Since the values dropped on our homes after Scripps moved elsewhere, a lot of rural people moved out and city people moved in. In turn, our crime rates have skyrocketed. Our once-beautiful neighborhood has gone from not even locking my doors to being afraid to be home by myself in the middle of the day.

Our peaceful, animal-filled yards and country way of life is being threatened once again. Please heed the cries of the residents and help us stop this monstrosity. If we wanted everything in our backyard, we would have stayed living in our cute little zero-lot-line homes in the city. I would rather drive a little farther to give my children the country way of life.

Nika Alban, The Acreage



  1. This is not “the Country” nor has it been since Flagler built his railroad.

    The alternatives to the MintoWest plan are what you should really be afraid

    Hope the Commissioners use reasoning and judgement and not fear and misdirection.

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