Letter: Annoyed At AT&T

I was very happy to read the brief opinion article by Jules W. Rabin regarding the AT&T Mobile cramming scam. We experienced this unethical practice at our church. Not only this, but we have been lied to outright by AT&T phone support personnel, and led to believe that we would save money if we made their suggested changes to our business plan. The truth was completely the opposite, and we end up paying more money. Services were added which we never requested, and services were dropped which we never asked to be dropped. Both of these actions occurred several times, and each time it required us to spend two and three hours on the phone to convince AT&T that they had made a mistake and clear up the problem. I am shocked at the extremely unethical actions that we continue to experience from AT&T. Although we have spoken with very honest and informed representatives, the number of service reps who want to talk us into more expensive products far outweigh the honest reps, in my experience.

Randy Clarke, Wellington