Letter: Kudos To The Norwitch Family

Regarding the story on Noah Norwitch published last week, the Wellington Village Council member who noted that the “nut does not fall far from the tree” in regard to Noah’s parents and the generous fundraising Noah does for kids who cannot afford uniforms for sports is absolutely correct.

Three years ago, my son Doug was killed in a car accident in South Carolina. I teach with Mrs. Norwitch, and before I could get home and packed to drive up there, I received a call from the school where we both teach. Mr. Norwitch, the pilot, offering to fly me to South Carolina. This meant that he would have had to change all of his daily plans for me, and he was ready to do just that.

Had my son still been alive and I could have had a few more precious moments with him, I would have taken Mr. Norwitch up on the offer. That was not meant to be, but the purposeful act of kindness and compassion was breathtaking and will forever be embedded in my heart. I have never met Mr. Norwitch, but this is the kind of people, and parents, they are, and this is the kind of family in which Noah and his brother, Caleb, are being raised.

My son played seven years of recreational basketball with the Village of Royal Palm Beach. In all that time, it did not occur to me that there might be young people who would liked to have played but could not because of the cost of registration and uniforms. For such a young person to see the need and work to meet the need is beyond amazing… it is a blessing. I plan to be part of Noah’s Birthday Money Club.

Jana Wright Springfield, Royal Pam Beach