Letter: Minto Decision Was A Farce

Yet again, by a 5-2 vote in favor of the Minto West expansion, the Board of County Commissioners demonstrated their pro-development stance, damning The Acreage and surrounding communities to a crushing influx of traffic and other ills, all based on the premise that more is better with no regard to the quality of life and the health, safety and welfare of residents.

To base a decision on Minto’s proportionate share increasing by increasing intensity and density defies rational cognition, as it will not cover the resulting staggering fiscal deficits in an “…already very tough budget situation…” (Commissioner Valeche), leaving every single property owner in the county to shoulder the shortfalls.

The idea that Minto West is “New Urbanism” and “Smart Growth” defies the very definition of both. Minto representatives and planning staff admitted true walkability cannot be achieved, the needed infrastructure is virtually nonexistent, buffers are needed, and that it will spill over and onto and disrupt an existing community.

Changing the award-winning comp plan to force Minto West to legally fit doesn’t change the reality that the expansion is leapfrog development and, as such, is urban sprawl in a rural area. To add insult to injury, the decision sets a precedent and opens the development portal to other developers.

Because of five commissioners lacking wisdom and vision for all of Palm Beach County and turning deaf ears to the overwhelming majority of those in opposition compared to those who supported the expansion, we have this for which to “thank” you: The newest Broward County and the newest urban hell.

Jean Edwards, The Acreage


  1. Quit being a sore loser Jean. It’s over. The County Commissioners made the right decision for all the residents, not the select few you and your group of No to Everything represents. You do NOT speak for us and your time thinking you do so, IS OVER.

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