RPB Zoners OK CubeSmart’s Building Color, But Not Red Roof

The Royal Palm Beach Planning & Zoning Commission on Tuesday gave architectural approval for CubeSmart storage at the Sawgrass industrial development on Belvedere Road to repaint its building, but denied a roof color change from green to red because it did not fit with the rest of the complex.

Site Plan Coordinator Kevin Erwin said that CubeSmart, formerly Safe & Secure Self Storage, wanted to repaint the building in beige tones, with a red roof.

“This was planned as a planned industrial development (PID),” Erwin said. “Safe & Secure Self Storage was the first building that was constructed within the Sawgrass PID. They were required to get an architectural approval at the time that they were going through the process, and basically there was a stipulation that since this was the first building in the PID, that all the other buildings constructed afterward would need to match with similar colors and roofs to the existing Safe & Secure Storage building.”

He said that CubeSmart was requesting to paint the body of the building in beige tones similar to the other buildings, but with a red roof in contrast to the other green roofs.

“The other buildings in the Sawgrass PID have probably about three or four different-in-color beige tones, with the hemlock green roof, which is what the existing roof on the Safe & Secure Self Storage has, now Cube Smart,” Erwin said.

He added that the hemlock green roofs actually extend into the retail portion of the site. “The idea was that this would be part of a cohesive commercial planned industrial development, and that is why staff has made a recommendation to approve the body of the paint colors and trim, but not to approve the bright-red standing seam metal roof change,” Erwin said, explaining that it is inconsistent with the other roof colors.

Applicant Tom Hankey on behalf of owner CubeSmart said the village had approved the colors for another CubeSmart location on State Road 7 in Royal Palm Beach.

“It’s pretty consistent,” Hankey said. “We do this throughout the country. It’s our brand awareness, and it’s very important to us, and we’re very proud of our image.”

Hankey said he thought that the village had taken great strides to maintain its image and urged commissioners to consider the roof change.

“At times you tweak a little bit here and a little bit there, and it actually enhances things,” he said.

Commissioner Jackie Larson said she appreciated the harmonious but not monotonous colors, but was concerned about the requirement for red colors in South Florida.

Commissioner Joseph Boyle made a motion to accept staff’s recommendation to allow the beige on the main part of the building, but deny the roof color change, which carried 5-0.