Letter: Swift Sets The Record Straight

On the front page of last week’s Town-Crier there was an article about the upcoming three-way council race in Royal Palm Beach (“Three-Way Race Takes Shape For RPB Council Seat,” Feb. 13). In that article, Martha Webster said that she expects to do better this time because of the endorsements from Mayor Matty Mattioli, Councilman Richard Valuntas and Councilman Fred Pinto, along with former Palm Beach County Commissioner Jess Santamaria.

To set the record straight, both Valuntas and Pinto called me last Friday and stated that they did not endorse Martha. They would rather retire to the sidelines on this one — I don’t blame them.

Since I was not asked in the article who has endorsed my candidacy, they include: the Professional Firefighters/Paramedics of Palm Beach County and the Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association. I am a proud supporter of our first responders and all they do for our citizens. I am also endorsed by State Sen. Joe Abruzzo, State Rep. Mark Pafford and our new County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay. But, of course, the most important endorsement would be you, the voters of Royal Palm Beach on election day, March 10. I hope to see you at the polls.

Dave Swift, Vice Mayor, Royal Palm Beach


  1. Just another in the series of “I did not say that”. The record was set straight when I spoke with the Town Crier myself to clarify that I never said either Councilman :Pinto or Valuntas “endorsed” me. I NEVER SAID THAT. The Town Crier made the correction as promised on their editorial page. I too called the two councilmen and each said they “supported” my candidacy but were, of course, not endorse.

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