Letter: Development Run Amok

Government of the people, by the people and for all the people of Palm Beach County is the due diligence of public effort, by communities, for public consensus in policies of a national award-winning development plan. Consistency in every word of the comprehensive plan was required of the public to establish protection for both built and natural environments against Browardization by irresponsible project-by-project western expansion.

But government by the people perished when five politicians who can’t be elected by western county voters, and who only “allowed” each person two minutes to speak, dismissed the will of the people, public effort, public consensus, public policy, 5,000 petition signatures, existing communities’ plans, negative impacts, state enclave limits and permanent open space laws.

Now the plans of developers have precedence and 2,000 housing units “removed” from the Minto amendment to appease the public can be built on 2,000 acres of temporary “open space” presented to the public? And “public servants” deny the public laws to either deed open spaces presented as public assets in amendments into permanent irrevocable open space in public ownership, or else be removed from the amendment when uses are left open? The public and environment will pay for government by a few politicians and developers.

Rita Miller, The Acreage


  1. This is what happens when the county is divided into 6 geographical voting districts.

    Representatives only worry about getting elected in their own geographical district.

    Dividing into geographical district representation dilutes the power of the people.

    Now, how do we go about changing the geographical representation model of our county?

    Let’s have the people get back their power and be able to determine all who shall serve on the County Commission.

    And keep an eye out for your own community. Be sure they are not advocating for geographical voting districts. That could be happening to your sister community across the way! They are reviewing their Charter and making suggestions regarding geographical representation for the community.

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