Letter: Is It Finally Over?

It has taken more than four years, for justice to reign over Palm Beach County’s fight to enforce the people’s wishes to fully fund our inspector General. Judge Catherine Brunson in no uncertain terms said, “The people are the municipalities, and the officials who represent the people may not undermine the electorate process because they disagree with the vote of the people.”

Every one of our 38 municipalities overwhelmingly voted for the referendum. The rogue cities object to funding the referendum. They ignore the funding solution that has worked in Miami-Dade for many years; which suggest that contractors pay a one quarter of one percent fee, to do business with the cities, and not use property tax funding.

The judge ruled that the municipalities must find a way “of paying for a voter-mandated corruption-fighting agency.”

The plan has always been to have an independent inspector general. Currently, it is running at half-staff. We now have the power of the court. Let’s use it.

Morley Alperstein, Wellington


  1. It is not over until the PBC Commission bills the cities according to the law – by contractor fees. They have not been willing to do that and or put in place the system to determine those fees. This was about HOW the funding was to be applied and the COUNTY has balked at the legal process. Sorry Morey, you got it wrong again.

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