Letter: No To The Manure Station

The Village of Wellington has two proposed sites off of Flying Cow Road for a manure transfer station. The Aero Club, Palm Beach Point and Rustic Ranches communities will have the residual effect of the proposed manure transfer station if this goes through. I’m talking about the odor of the manure, the flies, the vermin and the phosphorus in our canals, where people fish and boat.

We are always at odds with the Village of Wellington. First we had to fight them to keep them from moving the electric corridor down Flying Cow Road from its present position. Then we had to fight to keep our back road open, which in an emergency would have left us with no way out if there was a fire or telephone poles down like there were during the hurricanes. And now they want to put a manure transfer station in between the two Marjory Stoneman Douglas Everglades Habitat parks on Flying Cow Road, adjacent to our neighborhood, as well as Palm Beach Point and the Aero Club just across the C-1 Canal.

First of all, this is not commercial property. I don’t see Village Manager Paul Schofield, Special Projects Manager Mike O’Dell or lobbyist Jim Harvey anxious to have this transfer station in their neighborhoods, and I don’t blame them. It shouldn’t be that close to any neighborhood. There are other locations, like 20-Mile Bend.

Just a word of caution to any neighborhood considering annexing into Wellington: beware, they just might want to use your neighborhood as another dumping ground. They certainly won’t consider dumping in the village. If we knew these projects were coming, we never would have annexed.

I wonder if this goes through will Wellington promote a neighborhood manure transfer station between two parks, as it advertises “Welcome to Beautiful Wellington?”

Chris Wallace, President, Pine Tree Water Control District, Wellington


  1. There is already one good candidate and that is Michael Drahos. I’ve met him and super good guy. Born and raised in Wellington and came back after going to law school.

    I have heard about another but have not met. Dr. Randy Lawrick (sp)? He is a chiropractor and I heard he is in it for right reasons…..community service and not personal enrichment and ego.


  2. Totally, support the Wellington residents living in Rustic Ranches and those who live near Flying Cow Road in stopping a manure
    Transfer Station that this present Council seemed interested in. Wellington should not be in the manure business. This should be a private enterprise and it should be elsewhere.

    Totally, support those living near Kpark and their endeavor to stop the massive overbuilding on that land. Let’s remember, it was this present Council who gave an exclusive contract for a Horse Park on Kpark land. That would have been absolute nightmare and an absolutely inappropriate venue for horses, cattle, trucks and RVs at the corner of 441/SR7 and Stribling Way.

    Totally, supported Aero Club residents when they came to protest further restrictions wanted by this present Council.

    This current Council needs all to be vote out of office.

    Urge all HOAs and other groups to put out feelers to potential candidates in the next Council election and vet them. Please see what their vision for Wellington is. Please see if they are interested in preserving all of Wellington not just certain sections of Wellington.

    Urge interested Wellington residents, who seek to run for a Council seat, to contact HOAs and speak to them about what your vision is for all of Wellington.

    Let’s make sure there are not too many people running for these Council seats. If so, that would ensure the incumbent on the Council will retain their current seat!

    Let’s be smart in the next election. Let new leadership rise!

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