Letter: Ron Jarriel An Honorable Man

I do not live in Loxahatchee Groves, but here is my two cents anyway. I worked with Ron Jarriel at Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue Station 33 for many years. The crew was family, and we all had each other’s backs, but Ron was special, always on top of things. Whether it be a fire or medical emergency or when we might be in danger, it was good to know that Ron was on the engine.

Ron is a good and honest person. I cannot say enough about his integrity and dedication to whatever the cause is. He’s the guy who would give the proverbial shirt off his back to a complete stranger. I know, I’ve witnessed it.

I am not up on the issues in the Groves, but I know he is. He always tries to do the right thing, for his family, on the job and for his community. He cares and he listens.

I would love to have Ron on a seat in Wellington. Ron is straight-forward, can be trusted and he lives by his word. If Ron ever reads this, I know he will be embarrassed. Too bad.

Larry Aversano, Wellington