Letter: Charter School Failures Rewarded

One of Palm Beach County’s top-rated charter schools, the G-Star School of the Arts, has had a dwindling bank account since 2011 and the district auditors cited “financial woes.” Yet they still got reduced bonds, despite financial failure.

Palm Beach County has the most failed for-profit charter schools in Florida. It was reported that many charter schools got tax subsidies and use of public property/land, but failed within two years and were closed. Concurrently, a charter school in the Ag Reserve got the OK, despite overwhelming residential opposition.

However, ignoring statistics and morals, tax dollars are again diverted from our public school funds directly into these failing private businesses. Someone’s getting richer! Private schools have been around a long time, and everyone understood that when your kids attended, you paid for this privilege. Renaming them “charter schools,”denigrating and defunding public schools, offering a very weak voucher program and robbing our tax dollars from public schools to subsidize these for-profit businesses gave the greedy another way to fund their kids’ private school education with our tax money.

Jude Smallwood, The Acreage


  1. Parents need options when it comes to education. We all can’t afford to send our children to private schools. Charter Schools are a great option for parents.

    This school district is very restrictive in where they place educational programs. Not every child gets a bite of the apple when it comes to the School of the Arts. There must be alternatives for the rest of us when it comes to education.

    Prior to entering the White House, the Obamas elected to send their two daughters to the Chicago Lab School, thereby passing up the assigned local public in their own neighborhood.

    There needs to be school options for ALL, not just for the wealthy or politically previleged.

    If parents seek alternatives, then that means the School District has not resolved the on going problems in our public schools.

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