Letter: K-Park: Good Decision, Now What?

I applaud the recent Wellington Village Council decision to reject all the developer plans for the K-Park property. Wellington does not need more condos, townhomes or apartments. We have plenty already and many more are on the way. I am sure the money dangled by the developers was enticing, but the council did a good deal of due diligence and acted accordingly.

I can understand Mayor Bob Margolis’ sentiment in stating that he wants it to remain a park, having served with him on the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board when we fought so hard to acquire the property and forward it for use as a recreation property. We felt strongly that we owed it to the citizens to keep our word. But things change, and I am willing to listen to alternatives.

First, this is a signature piece of property that has long-term consequences to its use. It needs to be a signature piece of development or a first-class project that will continue to keep Wellington a community of the first order, and be a positive for its residents to use and be proud of.

To his credit, Village Manager Paul Schofield did a leisure services survey that did assess future needs and current facilities for each sport and activity. In most cases, Wellington came back in good shape except for soccer and lacrosse activities, which have grown exponentially and are in need of more fields and space.

So, dedicate much of K-Park to a new facility for soccer or lacrosse, just make it a first-class facility so that youth tournaments are drawn to our location, as the huge money makers that they are, and the community benefits from the cash inflow, and our own programs flourish with the influx of talent and cash to assist our programs.

If not this, look at first-class projects similar to the Harbourside in Jupiter, Atlantic Avenue in Delray, or the Midtown project in Palm Beach Gardens — something that appeals to the young and middle-age adult, which is sadly lacking in Wellington. Please think outside of the box and think signature project that is inclusive to our adult residents and sets our community apart from the others.

Steve Haughn, Wellington


  1. If more playing fields are needed then how about the 10 acre site near the Hampton Inn?

    This Council is intent on building a low income senior housing on that land
    and taking away these acres.

  2. This K park land in Wellington is just too important to have another sports field placed on it.

    We need to elect leaders who have a vision for this property.

    It’s the same old people pushing for the same old things.

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