Team Wellington USTA Florida State Baton Twirling Champs

On May 2, Team Wellington gathered competed against twirling teams from across Florida at Northwood University in West Palm Beach at 2015 USTA Florida State Baton Twirling Championships. The team became USTA state champions in 14 events and won 19 awards in total.

Under the instruction of coach Adrienne Brady, Team Wellington won in several age levels: Wellington Elementary School won four events in the Juvenile Division, Wellington Landings Middle School won five events in the Junior Division and Wellington High School won five events in the Senior Division.

ABOVE: Front row: Taylor Shackleford, Dania Kanhai, Kayli Figueroa, Jessica DeMaria, KerryAnne Farrell, Grace Essery, Carly LaBorde, Eve Essery, Camryn Strode, Carley Owens and Erin Crossey; middle row: Brianna Keller, Avery Redlich, Jessica Schneider, Trisha Beharry, Kayden Mueller, Aylin Leal, Britney LaBorde and Grace Hoskens (captain); and back row: Laura Perez, Evelyn Kassel, Celine Chasteen (captain), Victoria Flora, Macrae Reilly, Kelly Gerboc, Katelan Beharry, Lauren Dunkley, Stacie Kistela, Shaye Deegan, Hannah Schoenfeld and Kerriann DeMaria.