Letter: Support For Anne Gerwig

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to the letter “Anne Gerwig And Canal Cleaning” by George Unger, published last week.

Let me say loud and clear that Councilwoman Anne Gerwig has stood strong in representing her village. She continues to withstand outrageous attacks from those who wish to silence good elected officials, of which in my experience in the elected world, most unfortunately, is not many.

George Unger has for years ravaged the reputations of women elected officials in the Royal Palm Beach/Wellington communities, attacking their characters with lies and innuendos. Using the power of the editorial page to publish his false allegations, he has counted on the readers to believe his baseless accusations.

The Village of Wellington could not do better than to have someone of Ms. Gerwig’s honesty and intelligence to serve as their mayor. I hope that come 2016, the residents support her integrity and look for others to serve on the council that will honor them with the same public service.

Martha Webster, Royal Palm Beach


  1. Gerwig is rite in supporting a slow approach to the cleaning of the canal easements. Trespassing on private property to get there is WRONG. Cutting the vegetation along the canal will cause eutrophication of the H2O removing O2 so less fish, frogs, etc. She has made the correct decision for her constituents.

  2. It’s easy to see that the 3 magnificent old cypress trees that are growing in the canal off Pierson Road near Bellissimo’s covered arena are left in place after the canal cleaning and clearing.

    Those trees should never be removed. It would be a violation of nature to cut those down.

    The Council shouldn’t complain about other property owners who also care about their trees. Let’s not forget the Council’s action against Straub when he did clearing in the old Blue Cypress area in the Polo Club. The Village filed suit.

    How come Wellington’s Tree Committee wasn’t consulted on this matter, first?

    Oh, that’s right. It’s just for show, not for considered input.

    Yes, it is imperative for the Village to maintain the canals in Wellington.

    But there are trees that need to be considered for saving just like the cypresses in the canal off of Pierson Road.

    Drive over to Pierson Road and check out those outstanding, wonderful old Florida trees. Take a gander at the trunks of those trees.

    Please do not let the Village Council cut down those beauties.

  3. Thank you George Unger for calling a spade a spade. George needs to be applauded not chastised for his honest assessment.

    Councilwoman Gerwig should be censored for flip flopping on the canal issue. I’m sure she knows the legal definition on an “Easement”. Our Village Manager, Village Engineer and Public Works Director have demonstrated the need to reclaim “Our Property Rights” for the good of our community.

    Gerwig should not be allowed to pander and play with residents emotions. Let the Canal Maintenance resume!!!

    Again, Thanks George Unger for pointing out the obvious. Keep it up.

  4. The mindset of both men and women in this area are going backwards in time – they have attacked the good women who stand up and serve them and replaced them with old men, old ideas, and no common sense. Is it because women are the ones who always stand honest and strong on what is right and won’t be swayed by special interests? Seems to be the case.

  5. What is it with his constant attack on certain women who hold an elected office or who are running for elected office?

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