Letter: Crestwood Deal Floundering

Royal Palm Beach Councilman David Swift is correct in saying that Lennar, like the Crestwood Task Force, which had an environmental study of the area, was aware of all the conditions on the old wastewater plant site. Councilman Jeff Hmara, a member of the task force, had the opportunity to have all the facts on the property, including a personal tour by staff at that time, and as a member of that task force voted unanimously for all the recommendations on the future Crestwood land use.

Mr. Hmara was also the co-author of the final report to the council with Joe Boyle of Saratoga Pines. For that reason, it baffles me that he and the mayor would recommend continuing a negotiation that the residents believed was final.

The Crestwood property is a highly desirable site. During the time that I served on the Royal Palm Beach Village Council, there were many inquiries, as well as interest from businesses through the Business Development Board looking to purchase the land. The taxpayers of Royal Palm Beach can be confident that they do not have to settle on a poor deal for their community. The council needs to take the $97,935 and move on. Royal Palm Beach may have to be patient to negotiate the right offer, but it will come.

Martha Webster, Royal Palm Beach