Letter: Gas Station Good For The Community

I am a resident, small business owner and pastor in the Village of Royal Palm Beach. I have been following the proposed plans to build a gas station in our community. The suggested location is to be the corner of Royal Palm Beach Blvd. and Southern Blvd.

As with any new proposal, there is a wealth of opinion, conversation, debate, information and misinformation surrounding the proposal and the effect on the surrounding community. It has prompted me to look into things for myself. I must say, I am impressed with both Jess Santamaria and the RaceTrac officials. It seems they have left no stone unturned. I believe that the RaceTrac gas station will be an asset to both the residents and the business community of Royal Palm Beach. It is a win-win venture that will create new jobs, greater competitiveness and added convenience without detracting from the aesthetics our community is known for.

It is always best to research the facts and get at the truth for oneself. To that end, I recommend that those of us who are concerned about the overall, long-term health of our community to research the facts for yourself.

I urge the mayor and Royal Palm Beach Village Council to approve the RaceTrac proposal.

Michael Rose, Royal Palm Beach