Letter: You Can’t Put Lipstick On A Pig

“It has been a long journey of more than a year in working with the Royal Palm Beach Village Council and staff to bring this [RaceTrac] project to the mayor and council,” said Brian Terry of the Wantman Group on Oct. 15. Yet the Wantman Group did not ask the residents to come along on this journey. Then they asked you to attend a public information meeting on Jan. 4, more than a year later and following four scheduled meetings by the mayor and council — Oct. 15, Oct. 29, Dec. 3 and now Jan. 14. So far, the residents have been allowed limited input at only one of these meetings.

This RaceTrac station remains a 6,000-square-foot gas station/convenience store operating 24/7 with 20 gas pumps, close to residential neighborhoods and across from three schools, on a roadway with vehicular congestion and pedestrian and bike traffic to four parks located along the boulevard. Well-known is the high level of crime already in the area and the large trucks parked day and night.

The fact remains, this is a gas station at the entrance way to our homes, and any way you look at it, you can’t put lipstick on a pig!

Gen Weiler, Royal Palm Beach