Letter: Remember, We Are A Country Of Laws

I would like to bring to the attention of my fellow residents in Royal Palm Beach the “We Are a Country of Laws” commentary by Jess Santamaria in last week’s edition of the Town-Crier. If you have not already read it, you should. It describes past acts by the Royal Palm Beach Village Council at the time that did not follow the law and resulted in expensive lawsuits for our village and taxpayers.

This is precisely the situation we could have found ourselves in had Martha Webster and her followers succeeded in their efforts to defeat the RaceTrac proposal for our village. Had this group succeeded in convincing our representatives on the council to defeat the RaceTrac proposal despite the fact that RaceTrac had complied with all the legal requirements, a subsequent lawsuit would have been a distinct possibility. Thus, under a façade of speaking for the people, this group could have created a huge liability. I ask you to think about it: are these the individuals we want representing us on our village council?

In addition, those of us who attended the public meetings were both annoyed and embarrassed by the behavior of those shouting out, jumping up out of their seats in protest and generally behaving like spoiled children in defiance of the mayor’s and council’s requests for respect and adherence to the rules. So I leave it up to you, my fellow Royal Palm Beach residents, is this lack of civility, bordering on civil disobedience, the kind of representation we want on our council?

Arlene Olinsky, Royal Palm Beach


  1. Generally I turn my back on the hateful letters penned by Arlene Olinsky but it has gotten so out of hand in the past 3 years I will have my say: Alan & Arlene were good friends of my Mother. For several years they had a Christmas wreath on their door her gift to them. She called and visited them when in the hospital for serious illnesses so it is a sad time when Arlene continues to make false statements for the sake of politics that she is spoon feed by Jess. I ask you all pray for her soul. Jon Webster

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