Letter: Tax Us More To Support Development?

Do you need an “argument” for opposing new development anywhere in Palm Beach County? It has been argued in the past that “development does not pay for itself.” Need new proof? Palm Beach County, with the support of most municipalities, and many services provided by all, including roads, bridges, schools, environmental resources, etc., are all arguing that we need a referendum that assesses everyone an additional 1 cent sales tax on everything we buy just to pay for these “amenities” of convenience.

If new development generated enough in impact fees, prop share, etc., would there be a need to go to the general public to support a new additional sales tax on everything we buy? Each and every development approved comes with some sort of unique argument of how it will be an improvement to the economy, generate revenue for the government and just generally be an economic boon. Why is this not being borne out?

I am sure that some of you, who have lived here long enough, remember that until just a few years ago, we were already paying a half-cent more in sales tax just to cover the Palm Beach County School Board, which needed to build new schools or expand existing ones. Now they are claiming that they need more revenue for the same, exact purpose.

Why is new development, an economic boon, not generating enough revenue to cover the cost? Ask your local and county officials who keep approving new development!

Patricia D. Curry, The Acreage