Letter: Support For RaceTrac

Over the past several months, I have followed with great interest the arguments for and against RaceTrac.

To those who are distorting the facts, I say, oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive.

Here are some facts that some Town-Crier readers and others may not be aware of:

Two gas stations at the same location were lost due to the widening of Southern Blvd., so, in effect, RaceTrac will be replacing those two gas stations that were closed.

RaceTrac not only is an upscale gas station that will come with beautiful landscaping and the cheapest gas in all of Palm Beach County, it will also benefit the tenants, the guests of the Royal Inn, the residents of Royal Palm Beach and others.

The suggestions that RaceTrac will lower property values is ludicrous, misleading and politically motivated. Surveys have proven otherwise. Motorists traveling along Southern Blvd. will stop, use the station and be on their way. They will not be entering Royal Palm Beach. While Martha Webster was gracious in her three defeats, it appears that she does not know when to throw in the towel and is wrong to be making false statements about the impact of RaceTrac in her futile attempt to run for the office of the mayor of Royal Palm Beach. I have news for you Martha, you are no match for Fred Pinto.

The village’s zoning board has approved all the requirements for the RaceTrac gas station. No residential area will be impacted. The entrance and exit will both be on Southern Blvd.

So what I think is needed here is common sense. I remember an old saying, which says, “Common sense is like deodorant… the people who need it most never use it.”

I urge you all to let common sense prevail and support the RaceTrac gas station. I am very easily satisfied with the very best, and RaceTrac gas station at Southern and Royal Palm Beach Blvd. is the very best.

Alma Sato, Wellington