Letter: Growth Brings Development

Current plans call for the growth and continued development of Royal Palm Beach, which are absolutely necessary. This involves the proposal of the RaceTrac gas station. Urban sprawl will continue to the west, and we must be prepared for the eventualities, such as businesses investing in the area, thus creating jobs, improving security and with the increased traffic flow, additional services will be required to serve the entire communities.

Let us stop this political pandering and really think about the betterment of our community and the service it will give to our citizens. As a resident of Royal Palm Beach for the past 14 years, I cannot see any reason why we should not agree to have this gas station in our community. Therefore, this calls for quick and bold action for our council to approve the RaceTrac station.

Vinnie Perrin, Royal Palm Beach


  1. Did you notice that there are more than 18 gas stations already in RPB?
    Do you know that each of these gas stations employees many residents from RPB who are going to loose their jobs and businesses when Race Trac move in?
    Do you know the crime from the Inn that will now be spilling out into the street.
    You must not live in this area.
    You must not care about your community.
    You must have your head in the sand – or by any chance a very close friend of the owner?

    HMMMMM. Something nefarious is going on in RPB!

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