Letter: Margolis Is The Right Choice

Wellington has been very blessed to have had some outstanding mayors during its short life — Kathy Foster, Tom Wenham, Carmine Priore, all who had a vision and did the right thing in guiding the village to its place as an outstanding community to live in. The upcoming mayoral election also has two talented individuals who I firmly believe want to continue to make Wellington a great place to live and work. But there can only be one selection, and the mayor of Wellington for the next four years should be Bob Margolis.

Yes, Anne Gerwig has been a committed and energetic councilwoman for the last six years, and has been passionate about many issues. But Mayor Margolis has been an engaged community activist for more than 25 years in many roles and positions. He was involved in coaching our kids for many years in the Wellington Recreation programs and board member in travel sports. He also spent many hours supporting our local high school football team as a volunteer. Mayor Margolis was an instrumental member of the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, helping create a department considered one of the best in the state. He was the leading advocate for the purchase of K-Park, development of the Wellington Dog Park, and pushed hard for building phase three and four of Village Park.

As a two-term councilman, Margolis was a leading voice on the council for fiscal prudence, tough comprehensive guidelines, neighborhood parks, keeping levels of service standards high and keeping the village from becoming a congested mess with all the pressure from developers.

During the last few years, when Mayor Margolis and Councilwoman Gerwig were on the council together, it was very contentious, heated and bitter at times, with votes being 3-2 on many issues. In most all cases, Mayor Margolis was the swing vote. Sometimes he sided with Gerwig, sometimes with the other side, but always with what he thought was best for the village. Two of the issues which I saw brought up by Gerwig on a recent election flier trouble me, as it indicates a lack of knowledge and raises questions. Her position on recreation seems to not understand that the village has one of the most progressive comprehensive plans for recreation in the state. This mandates what facilities should be built according to the numbers of residents. Lastly, we do not need to start over on K-Park. Village staff conducted five outstanding workshops all over the community, and gathered tons of data on what the residents want, and it was very conclusive. I know the Wellington Chamber of Commerce was not happy with the results (they wanted intense development), but I hope our council and Mayor Margolis listen to the residents on this matter.

Everybody please get out and vote, and I urge all to look at Mayor Margolis’ long record of commitment and leadership to the Village of Wellington.

Steve Haughn, Wellington


  1. Bob Margolis was elected Mayor in 2012. In 2013, the same letter writer, Mr. Steve Haughn, wrote another letter to the Wellington Town Crier, dated March 8, 2013 decrying the LACK OF LEADERSHIP in Wellington! The first paragraph of Mr. Haughn’s letter read:

    “Although unfortunate, it seems like the lack of leadership in Washington has made its way to Wellington. Since our last election, all that has come from the Wellington Village Council has been acrimony, excess litigation, staff bashing, and attacks on the business and the equestrian community.

    and finishes Mr. Haughn finishes his Letter to the Editor with…

    “Since being elected, none of the current council has forwarded their vision or strategic plan for the village. No direction or new initiative (except the community center and tennis center) has been brought forward to bring the residents together in a positive way and to look at keeping our community as an outstanding place to live both now and in the foreseeable future. Let’s get rid of the big money politics that has corrupted Washington, and has now affected our small community as well. Hopefully, the village can return to the positive and resident-driven government that made it great in the early years.”

    Mr. Haughn, The BIg Money is still poisoning our community. Take a gander at the donations made to Mr. Margolis and Mr. Greene. Thousands and thousands of dollars from the same New York and Boston companies fill their campaign coffers. This financial information is available on All the candidates on the Village of Wellington’s website.

    It’s 2016, the same problems plague our Village. Mr. Margolis had his opportunity to lead and take us out of this spiraling maelstrom of negativity that the Council has toward its citizens and it’s own staff. No one should suffer from the bitter words directed towards them as they strove to do their job or speak to the Council. Mr. Margolis failed to run meetings efficiently or turn the tide of negativity.

  2. Margolis ranked the apartment complex project the highest of proposals.

    Then when people shpwed up at a meeting they were allowed to attend and speak Margolis then transitioned into a “tree hugger”.

    I’m waiting to see who contributes t his campaign other than the Jacobs abd nightclub operator Neil Hirsh.

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