Letter: Support For Martha Webster

I am writing to tell your readers why Martha Webster is the right mayor for Royal Palm Beach. One who has shouted at her and disrespected her in public meetings has suggested that she is a loser; when down she gets up to fight again. That is someone with convictions and a determination to do the right thing against all odds. She comes to the citizens with dedicated experience. I would say she is the most qualified when you see what she has accomplished just as a public servant for the village. Then there is all she does in the community. She recognizes where there is a need and steps up to be a part of the team to make a real difference. She is the one who shoulders the hard work that gets the deed done.

If ever there was a time for leadership in Royal Palm Beach that is able to stand up to the big developers, now is that time. Martha Webster has shown her persistence and fortitude by standing for the citizens. To those very few who continue to write false statements against her, I will remind you of the words of Winston Churchill, who said that, “If you have no enemies, then you have never taken a stand for someone or something.” I urge all the voters of Royal Palm Beach to make the right decision for the future of our neighborhoods. Vote for Martha Webster for mayor.

Gen Weiler, Royal Palm Beach