Letter: Support Pinto Over Webster

In response to David Swift’s Jan. 29 letter to the Town-Crier, “Swift Endorses Martha Webster For RPB Mayor,” Mr. Swift’s letter was more of an attack on Jess Santamaria and Fred Pinto rather than an endorsement.

It is quite obvious that the advertisement placed in the Town-Crier by Mr. Santamaria has struck a raw nerve on Mr. Swift. Is he aware just how ridiculous his statements are? On the one hand he is saying that the U.S. Constitution protects free speech, but on the other hand, objects strongly to Jess Santamaria’s statements in the press and at council meetings. Mr. Swift is angry, disappointed, bitter and frustrated to say the very least, and if I was Jess, I would dignify all of Swift’s ridiculous remarks with a robust response. Jess plays by the rules and will not lay down and play dead. RaceTrac’s 4-1 vote is just one of many events upsetting Mr. Swift.

RaceTrac was approved despite the lies and deceptions by Mr. Swift, Ms. Webster and company. Stop being such sore losers. The council has spoken. Attacks on Jess Santamaria and Fred Pinto will not win you votes. It would, however, show to the residents of Royal Palm Beach that you and Martha Webster are not fit to hold elected office.

It wasn’t very long ago that Mr. Swift and Ms. Webster were involved in dirty politics against each other. Ms. Webster wasn’t good enough to defeat Mr. Swift. The weakest member of the council now thinks she is good enough to be mayor? Running against Fred Pinto? Give me a break. Donald Duck or Bernie Madoff would stand a better chance against her. Voters are not as stupid as Mr. Swift and Ms. Webster think they are. They voted for the lesser of two evils when they voted for Swift over Webster.

The voters have a clear choice between malicious Martha, a has been, and the rising star of Royal Palm Beach, Councilman Fred Pinto. I strongly encourage the voters of Royal Palm Beach to support Fred Pinto whatever way they can, and most important of all, show up at the polls in record numbers.

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that Fred Pinto will make a great mayor and continue to provide the type of leadership that Mayor Matty Mattioli provided for many years.

The Village of Royal Palm has a good thing going. It is the envy of most municipalities. Why would you want to change? To fix something that is not broke?

Alma Sato, Wellington


  1. This woman lives in Wellington! she has no business calling out our council members when Wellington is a gaggle of sputtering idiots. I respect David Swift for his service and will be voting for Martha Webster. Your letter sealed the DEAL.

  2. The writers for Jess Santamaria have reached an all time low in their personal attacks and vitriol against good candidates stepping up to run and an all time low in disrespect for those who serve for years such as Councilman Swift and former Councilwoman Webster. Never such horrible name calling. Jess Santamaria and company should hang their heads in utter shame and the community should finally see what they all really are – the goons of Santamariaville.

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