Letter: Response To Frank Lopez

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to the letter “Smith Deserves Apology From Santamaria,” by Frank Lopez, published Feb. 5.

In Mr. Lopez’s desires to demean Mr. Jess Santamaria, who is not running for public office, he appears to be envious of the success attributed to Mr. Santamaria, who has done more for the entire western communities, not only the Village of Royal Palm Beach. Your efforts to pull this election into the quagmire of pessimism is obvious. Mr. Lopez needs to be educated on the history of Royal Palm Beach. The average resident does just as much as your neighbor, Ms. Selena Smith. If anyone needs retracting and apologizing, it is you, Mr. Lopez.

Before we vote on March 15, I urge my fellow citizens to check the records of the following three candidates: elect Fred Pinto for mayor, and re-elect Jeff Hmara and Richard Valuntas to their seats. Look at their track record, they have successfully participated in managing and maintaining the village; they work together as a team. For example, no tax increase for the past 15 years, supporting the extension of State Road 7 and building Commons Park. They have done an excellent job for the Village of Royal Palm Beach.

Please give these candidates your vote for the continued success of the Village of Royal Palm Beach. We all know the saying, “if it is not broken, don’t fix it.”

Vinnie Perrin, Royal Palm Beach


  1. April 19, 2012 June Perrin was nominated to the RPB P&Z by Councilwoman Webster. Mayor Mattioli admonished June for coming before the council and told her to sit down that he did not want to hear her resume. Ms. Perrin replied “Mr Mayor you are not a gentleman. You are lucky my husband is not here to hear you.” The Mayor shouted after her, “You are lucky he isn’t too!” She turned with tears in her eyes. Well, Vinnie how would you stand up for your wife if you write letters like this to women candidates willing to run for office? The Shame of this Village to let Jess Santamaria turn you into a pack of rapid dogs. Shame.

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