Letter: Don’t Trade Away Good Leadership

At the Royal Palm Beach Candidates Forum on Monday, Feb. 22, there was a lot of finger-pointing and blame-issuing, even from certain persons who couldn’t answer the questions asked of them. While change is inevitable and change is definite, there have to be capable people in the right positions to implement and oversee these changes and ensure that these changes are beneficial to the village and the people who reside therein.

It takes competent, experienced visionaries to plan and organize the future. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. These efforts and problem-solving must be affected by knowledgeable, experienced planners, not amateurs who have very limited knowledge and experience with respect to long-term planning for our village.

Why change to be governed by lackluster leadership? Years of solid fiscal and fiduciary management have been the hallmark of our current council, who should be given every opportunity to continue doing the outstanding job they have been doing for our village.

As a resident of Royal Palm Beach for the last 14 years, in my opinion, Jeff Hmara and Richard Valuntas should be re-elected, and Fred Pinto should be elected as our mayor. Their outstanding achievements speak for themselves. They are committed to protecting our community, committed to being proactive to the needs of our village for now and the future. I urge all my fellow village residents to vote on March 15 for these three candidates.

Vinnie Perrin, Royal Palm Beach