Letter: Voters Must Fight Development

Local incumbent politicians seem surprised that the people who elect them still have power. Politicians promise to be public servants when voted into office, but forget that voters can refuse to give government more taxes to finance irresponsibility. The communities of Palm Beach County had hundreds of public meetings and paid consultants for award-winning policies to finance infill, redevelopment and infrastructure of commercial and residential lands in eastern Palm Beach County before using public funds to finance new infrastructure for “westward-ho” development speculation to the edge of the Everglades. Now politicians approve the plans of landowners/developers in western Palm Beach County, and the proposed tax increase is no longer limited to repairing existing infrastructure? The press also seems blind to the original award-winning public planning policy for balanced and responsible smart growth. Thankfully, voters still have the power to say “no” to more taxes.

Rita Miller, The Acreage


  1. How about our District Commission Melissa McKinley pushing to allow for more development, land change designation (industrial this time) in the Western limits of urban development in Palm Beach County by using the usual code words: “jobs” as an excuse the development!

    A promise to do what’s Best for the West was shunted aside when she also decided after 6 months in office; to run for another political seat. It’s all about her advancement, we’re just the ‘stepping stones’.

    Time to kick out those who make a living in a constant run for political office and who jump from one Termed Out Political job to another political job because they can’t find work like the rest of us.

    Prime examples are Termed Out County Commissioner Shelley Vana who is seeking another political office, this time Property Appraiser in which she has no experience and Susan Bucher, who was Termed Out of her political State Senate seat and ran for Supervisor of Elections in which she had no experience!

    We’re on their political Merry-Go-Round with people making a cushy life running for one political office to another political office.

    How easily we are fooled.

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