Letter: Support For Richard Valuntas

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to the letter “Say No To Valuntas” published last week.

The argument that people should not vote for Richard Valuntas because he was unsuccessful concerning a “sand lot” fails because Richard Valuntas lives in a democracy and has one vote on council; this was a special interest that I’m sure Mr. Valuntas pursued in good faith.

My experience with Mr. Valuntas proves more positive and speaks to his character when he addressed an unfair tax that was levied against a small group of residents.

Years ago, an agreement of sorts was entered into between the Village of Royal Palm Beach and the Indian Trail Improvement District that allowed taxation of the Cypress Head subdivision and the Estates of Royal Palm Beach only.

This tax was $100 per annum, and came as part of your tax bill, and since the tax was not borne by everyone as is the case with our schools, library and parks, and that meant places like Greenway Village South, where our mayor lives was exempt, no action was taken to correct this travesty.

Mr. Valuntas looked into the matter and as a lawyer recognized the unfairness of the agreement between the village and Indian Trail, and took steps to rectify the wrong and to discover why only two areas in Royal Palm Beach were affected.

Mr. Valuntas wrote to the attorney for Indian Trail and discovered that Indian Trail had no authorization to tax the two areas in Royal Palm Beach.

Sadly, while none of the taxes collected by ITID could be recovered, an agreement was reached that ended further taxation in the two areas discussed.

I believe that Mr. Valuntas represented us well in the affected areas, and based on his commitment, deserves another term on the Royal Palm Beach Village Council, and I urge everyone to get out and vote for someone whose service and track record has been proven.

In conclusion, let me say that I and others paid $100 for 10 years before we were lucky enough to get Richard Valuntas on the council to stop such egregious agreements.

I miss my $1,000, but for me and my neighbors, I want to say “well done” and many thanks to Richard Valuntas for his efforts and successful challenge to Indian Trail, and I’ve saved $500 and counting!

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach