Letter: Eureka: The Process Worked!

Yes, I was a skeptic and quite sure that the Royal Palm Beach appointment process was a path to disaster, either with no outcome or an outcome contrary to the choice of the voters; but indeed it turned out to be a success.

Council members opening with their top choices of the 11 applicants, giving a brief overview of what each had to offer the village and their backgrounds, set the stage for a much more intelligent discussion. The ballot and point system still got a bit convoluted and was not easy to follow by those watching, and at times seemed to baffle even the mayor.

The result was the appointment of Ms. Jan Rodusky. What a breath of fresh air this is for all! Another woman on the council — something sorely needed to calm the discord that has been the public image of the council for the past years.

The public also learned that our village has some real potential leaders, and that, hopefully, the voters will see some of these applicants again stepping up to advisory boards and perhaps someday a future council or mayoral seat. Congratulations Councilwoman Rodusky, and congratulations Royal Palm Beach!

Martha Webster, Royal Palm Beach


  1. “We’ve always been listening” must be a sitting council member as that is the way your handle reads – there has been no suggestion that the people are not listening. With that said, Mr. Liggins is an employee and at the direction of the council and not the decision maker. If you are a council member than I suggest you step up to your game. The council as is sits with two new members is where it needs to be headed for the people. Richard, Jeff, and Fred are for Santamariaville. Finally issues are being heard because there WAS an election process and people spoke out on what needs to be done in this Village for the residents. It is a good day that Matty and Richard are gone. Are you listening?

    • “Agree to disagree” must be a Lenore White supporter. Because only someone who simply throws out a hodgepodge of hearsay and accusations with zero actual proof, would have written that. There was no mention of where any council member stood. There was also no mention of whether residents were being heard. If you actually read, it is simply a call for calm and rational thinking. Try it sometime.

  2. Since when is an appointment process a path to “disaster”? This type of overstating and grandiose language has been your signature for years. Take it down a notch. You’ve got competent management in Ray Liggins and the village staff. No need to make it seem like the end of the world in order to get your way. That path failed you three to four times in the past and it won’t serve you now. Be honest with yourself and the residents of this village; the real disaster would have been had Lenore White been elected to the council.

    • Now that you are listening, are you hearing and will you act on what you hear for the people? For instance, Race Track was a decision for the Santamaria family – all the petitions were signed by family, friends, employees and tenants of the Santamaria businesses. It is a fact that some were called and arm twisted to sign it. The foursome up there knew that but also are arm twisted to do the bidding of the Santamaria family. Arlene Olinsky goes back into Hilary’s and is told what and when to write it. So are you going to act for the people or be voted out.

      • And again, where is your proof? We can all come up with some pretty outlandish accusations of arm twisting and back room dealings. If Lenore White has taught us anything, it is that no accountability for your comments and no research into the village’s actual workings can fool 36% of the electorate into thinking that you’d be a viable council member. I’d prefer to deal with people who employ a degree of common sense.

        • Let’s make this clear – I am not Lenore White nor am acquainted with Lenore White. I give facts, known and proved, substantiated facts. You can continue to be fooled by the those that you work for, with, about but the truth is what it is. Sorry for you. Proof is those who told me that they were called in by your group and when the letters they gave were not what was wanted by JS then he wrote them (Chris wrote them) for them. Neighbors who signed the petition said they thought iw was AGAINST and not for the Race Track so you are wrong.

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