Letter: Keep Tommy Cheatham

I am one of the more than 300 local tennis players who use the wonderful Wellington Tennis Center facility.

In my view, Tommy Cheatham is a first-rate club manager and tennis pro who has built a truly outstanding tennis program benefiting hundreds of local players at all levels, and has operated it successfully for many years.

I was shocked to learn that the advisory board has recommended that Tommy’s contract not be renewed and that he be replaced by a new manager. I was even more shocked by the process (or lack of process) that the board followed in making its decision, especially in view of the open process that the village generally follows when it makes important decisions that affect the public.

What distressed me most about the process was that neither the tennis players who use the Wellington Tennis Center, nor the other members of the Wellington community were given the opportunity to express their views on who should operate this important village facility. I would strongly encourage the advisory board or the council to reopen the process and to schedule a meeting where all interested persons can be heard. My prediction is that you will hear from many, many tennis players who have been using and enjoying this great facility under current management urging that Tommy Cheatham’s contract be renewed.

Ann Curley, West Palm Beach