Letter: Plan For K-Park Should Be A Park

Can’t K-Park simply be “developed” as was intended — as a park? Every linear foot of frontage is being developed on State Road 7 and most of Wellington. Can’t the village leaders have vision and do what is right and will actually bestow more value upon the residents and visitors in the long run?

They could have developed what is now known as Central Park in New York City. New York is and always will be richer for building that park. You can’t put a price on it. Can’t we build a magnificent nature park smack in the middle of this traffic-congested community that went from peaceful and quiet to busy and booming. Can’t there be a place of respite, where humans and animals alike, bikers, walkers and runners, can find some shade, water, peace and refuge in a natural setting. A temporary escape from the nonstop hectic flow of vehicular traffic, heat and stress — without going to a gym, club or bar? Do we really need another Dunkin’ Donuts, pizza joint, optometrist, dentist or tanning salon?

Lets turn K-park, all 70 acres, into a beautiful jewel, with native trees and waterways, and minimal concrete, that can be a landmark for generations to enjoy. Wellington will always be richer for it.

Fred Levin, Wellington