Letter: Stop Aero Club Multipurpose Path Project

The authorization to approve a bid for the Aero Club Multipurpose Path project was submitted to the new Wellington Village Council members for $550,000. This writer requested that the item be removed until at least the next council meeting from the Consent Agenda, as two of the members were new to the council. The request was made to give them time to study the item in question After discussion, the request was denied. Odd, but the speaker before me addressed the council on the same item, but his objection was the method of funding, which was a problem at the original approval by two of the council members. He also made a comment that three council members who voted for the project were no longer members. A request has been made for a full investigation by several federal and state agencies into all aspects of the project.

Mary Jaffe, Wellington


  1. This was actually never in the long term plan for Wellington, but the former Councilman who recently purchased a home there got it pushed through. He removed a long needed turn lane at the only two developments on Big Blue Trace the main street that bisects our Village with thousands of cars a day I guess was not as important for him to have a walkway to benefit a few residents..

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