Letter: Teacher Appreciation: It’s More Than Just One Week

With Teacher Appreciation Week coming up, I think it is important to let people know that it is a very important week. Yes, some may say that it is another made-up thing where you have to get gifts, but it is more than that! These are the people helping to raise the next generation. They have our children for much of the day, and they help to mold them into our future leaders.

My three daughters all attend New Horizons Elementary School; a wonderful school that they love. This year, my middle, who is mainstreamed, has Ms. [Jennifer] Schuler. My daughter has made tremendous progress through the years, but this year has, by far, been the best. I requested Ms. Schuler after my oldest daughter had her and loved having her as a teacher. She is a teacher who truly cares about all her kids. She is all for turning everything into an “educational opportunity,” which sometimes was annoying for me as a room parent who wants to just have fun. As I look back at all the classroom pictures, she is dedicated to hands-on learning and perfected go-with-the-flow. She never lets her children down, even though I know sometimes she thinks she might.

I remember being at a science competition with my oldest and Ms. Schuler. The children were launching rockets, and all the kids were looking up, about to be hit by a rocket. I found it to be amazing when she stood in front of all the kids with her arms out over them, when even their own parents backed away. This year, she took my middle child under her wing, yet again, and allowed her to compete in the SECME science club games. I was shocked, and my daughter had a blast.

There aren’t enough words or gifts that could express how grateful I am to Ms. Schuler. I just hope, in return, all parents out there will do something extra special for their teacher, because no one is able to truly see all they really do.

Kate Ballard, Wellington