Letter: To Serve And Protect

We seem to be faced with a new reality, which includes the deafening sound of silence from supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project.

The outrage continues over our government’s failure to recognize their responsibility in taking care of our young men and women who it has sent into harm’s way, and it continues in the form of recent revelations and scandals within the top executives of the Wounded Warrior Project organization.

It is shamefully sad that these true American heroes who served their country faithfully and returned with devastating injuries like PTSD, traumatic brain injuries and loss of limbs are seen as charitable wards.

It is my opinion that they have every right not to be seen as charity cases who must rely on the gifts of their fellow countrymen, whose support, while generous, depends upon employment and level of income.

These brave men and women, who have endured terrible injuries, are deserving of support by those who placed them in harm’s way to serve and protect those of us who could not do so.

Of the 535 members of Congress, barely 2 percent answered the call to protect and serve this great nation, and it is time they showed their gratitude.

Disclosures of the Wounded Warrior Project have revealed large salaries, extravagant conferences and wasteful spending.

To continue to support such an organization is a travesty, and our government is complicit in its creation by the lack of support by our Congress, which has not taken any action with a budget that is realistic and the true cost of war.

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach


  1. All the police and fire rescue pensions, healthcare, vehicles are eating up the funds that should be going to help the wounded veterans.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. You should check out some of the charities that do tremendous work. Right here in Wellington, Homes for our Troops built a beautiful house for a Veteran that was paralyzed by a sniper. Homes for Our Troops is highly rated by the Charity Navigator. They have built 209 specially built homes for our wounded Veterans. Check it out on Charity Navigator.org.

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